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“My 10-year-old son has long dreamed of making it to the state swimming championship but his poor eyesight made it almost impossible for him. I am beyond delighted to have met Dr. Mark and know more about Invisalens®! Invisalens® allowed my boy to make it to state championship. I definitely recommend this to all moms out there.”

– Mrs. Green, mother of Nate, a swimming champion


“I read about Invisalens® and heard about the positive feedback. It got me curious. My eyesight was getting worse, so I decided to try it myself. After consulting Dr. Page, everything changed for the better – literally and figuratively. This breakthrough is now my inspiration to pursue medical work and help people in the future.”

– Luisa T., Medical Student


“I was really concerned about wearing glasses as a police officer, because if it ever came down to a physical altercation, my glasses could hurt me or if it got knocked off, I would be ‘blind’ to a gun or knife attach. That scared me. But now, I can say with confidence that Dr. Mark Page’s Invisalens® really turned things around for me. I feel more confident being out there, seeing better and doing what I have to do.”

– Police Sgt. Julius M.


“Can’t remember how it felt like having 20/20 vision. I’ve always had extremely high astigmatism and I actually accepted it as my fate. But surprise, surprise! Now I can see some of the letters on the 20/20 line. It’s exciting and I feel so much more confident. I owe that to Invisalens®, Dr. Mark and his amazing team!”

– Andre F., Law Student

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