The Smart Parents’ Guide: How to Help Your Child See a Better Life!

I thought the best way to share all my research and learning about eyesight and Invisalens® is through writing a book.


Did you know that, according to Research America, “the population of people with vision loss and blindness is estimated to increase by approximately 150 percent” by year 2050?

Did you know that myopia affects approximately 20,000 12-year-olds in the U.S. alone?

In this book, I focused on myopia or nearsightedness. I provided a comprehensive guide filled with practical and expert tips to help parents like you on how to deal with myopia and how to manage it. I also touched on Invisalens®, the breakthrough technology that will help your child see clearly overnight. A lot of people availed Invisalens® and I want to share the thorough research and training I went through with this new book.

My entire career has always been about helping people – my family, friends, loved ones and patients – overcome their eye problems and see clearly so they can enjoy life for the better. This book sums up my life’s work and I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Get back that 20/20 vision now!



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