Arizona’s Vision trained a team of dedicated optometrists to analyze and understand each patient’s eye problems.

We strive to provide a unique brand of quality eye care and service in the entire state.

Our advanced technology guarantees nothing but maximum enjoyment of your glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses.

We offer comprehensive and convenient eye care of utmost quality.


Arizona’s Vision strives to provide the highest quality eye care available in the market by utilizing the latest advancements in technology.

“I have several attempts over the years to try to convey my passion about protecting people’s eyes. My grandmother went blind the last 10 years of her life. My father went blind in one eye over 20 years ago. I have invested in the most advanced technology to help protect my dad’s remaining good eye. He is 91 years old and his good eye is still seeing well. One of my brothers (I have 8 siblings) had 2 retina tears in his right eye 2 years ago and he was able to be seen in a timely manner and the retinal treatment saved his vision. He lives in another state, but he remembered my advice of what to look out for because he is highly nearsighted. My patients are all getting the same advanced quality care that I use to take care of my family. I believe that our life revolves around our eyesight. We should not take it for granted.” – Dr. Mark Page

Our goal is to provide the best vision care in the industry by providing the best technology available for our customers while giving courteous service at all times.


Arizona’s Vision is one of Arizona’s leading eye care center. With a team of dedicated eye doctors, we take the time to analyze and understand all vision problems.

We have developed one of the eye care industry’s most advanced facilities to ensure the health of your and your child’s eyes. Our advanced system takes into account every circumstance and detail of every eye problem to get the best results.

Dr. Mark Page is the chief optometrist at Arizona’s Vision. He is recognized as the Best Optometrist by Ahwatukee Foothills News and as Phoenix’s Best Optometrist.

He created and designed Invisalens in 2014 to help people see clearly without need for surgery and powerful steroids. Now dubbed as the “smart way to see,” Invisalens is recommended by the Human Myopia Control Project to attempt to stabilize children’s vision.

Dr. Mark wrote the best-selling book The Smart Parents Guide to Helping Their Child See A Better Life (link to my book page) to share his life’s work as an optometrist. He also

pioneered the 5 Star Genius Marketing to help fellow professionals and entrepreneurs.

He is also recognized as the “teaching doctor” because of his invaluable role in helping over 40,000 patients understand how their eyes work and how they can maintain their vision clear all throughout their lives.

As a young boy, Dr. Mark lived with blurred vision, which inspired him to pursue a career in optometry. Outside the office, he is a devoted husband, son, brother and father to four dogs and one cat. His advocacies include cornea-shaping revolution and medically supporting blind children.

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