Happy Customers Testimonials

Hi. My name is Jordan and I am here to talk about Invisalens myopia management retainers. You just pop them in at night, take them out in the morning and you have great vision all day.  – Jordan

I go to ASU and the best thing about ortho k is it has helped me be able to see everything clearly without having my field of vision restricted by the glasses. It also helped me be more comfortable with my environment.  – Andrew X

I work for Microsoft in sales, The best thing I like is before I used to always switch back and forth and back and forth between glasses and contacts. Now with ortho k I can drive and read and see the computer without any glasses.  – Julie F

My name is Colin Ho. I’m currently a patient with Dr. Page at Arizona’s Vision. I’m undergoing orthokeratology. It is a eye retainer that I wear at night. So I wear it at night and it reshapes my eye while I sleep and when I wake up in the morning, my vision is 20/20 and it definitely makes my life a lot easier. I’ve been nearsighted for a very long time since early middle school and I also lead a very active lifestyle. I like playing sports. I play tennis. Throughout high school I also did martial arts for a period of time. So the flexibility and being able to be mobile was a very, very big part of my life and contacts and glasses restricted that a lot. But with Ortho k, it definitely helped me to lead a more active lifestyle.  – Colin

Hi I am Monet, I have been wearing the overnight contact lens or Ortho-k since I was 10 years old. Ortho-K is just perfect for me. I am a dancer and swimmer, wearing glasses can be very inconvenient and awkward. With Ortho-k, I am able to see everything clearly without glasses. The thought of never having to wear glasses or contacts is very liberating! Thank you very much Dr. Page. I am very grateful to you and your amazing team at Arizona Vision.  – Monet Tam

II couldn’t see my phone when I needed to. When I had my sunglasses on, I had to put my reading glasses over the top of my sunglasses. It was horrible. One of the wonderful things about ortho k is that I don’t need to have reading glasses anymore. When I am swimming or watching my kids at the baseball park it is great. It has been incredible for me.  – Laura

I came to him, he told me not only I can get you to read a newspaper, I can get 20/20 vision and he was a miracle come true to be able to get my eye sight back. For twenty years I was blind in the shower, lost my glasses, couldn’t see anything, kind of scary and he has been the most wonderful doctor. He doesn’t mind you calling him. He doesn’t mind you asking lots of questions. He never seems to be bothered. He’s always in a good mood. I highly recommend him for anybody that wants to improve their vision because it improves your quality of life. He’s been a miracle worker for me. I call him my miracle worker doctor and I really don’t think there is another Mark Page in the valley because anyone that lives here I highly recommend him because he will make you see better just like they advertise.  – Linda

My daughter, Kayla King who is 12 years old, is a patient of Dr. Page and Arizona’s Vision. Kayla is a very active young girl, who enjoys singing, dancing, acting and anything fun. Unfortunately, near-sidedness and wearing glasses has caused much inconvenience and discomfort for her. About 2 years ago, we decided to try Ortho-K. Based on our research, Dr. Page and Arizona’s Vision was the best choice. Arizona’s Vision uses all state of the art equipment. We were very impressed by Dr. Page’s extensive knowledge and professionalism. We have been extremely happy with Kayla’s results. It has been life-changing for her. My daughter can now do anything she wants, without the restriction of the glasses. She is now able to focus her attention on the things that she loves to do the most. Thank you, Dr. Page and your team, for a wonderful job!  – Kayla King

I am now 20 years old, and I go to the Julliard School of Music in New York City. The best thing about Orthokeratology is I don’t have to worry about anything during the day. I used to wear glasses, but I perform a lot so it can be an issue because I have to worry about my glasses fallen down, or losing them, or just getting in the way. Some times sweat can drip on the lenses and interfere with my concentration. With Orthokeratology I have perfect vision throughout the entire day. I am really glad that I found the treatment early on so that I got used to it and never had to worry about my vision getting worse. I have been using them for over 8 years now.  – Ana